Horses & Friends


Noble and proud, Hacendado is an Andalusian with all the elegance and beauty of his breed. He has a very kind temperament, is incredibly intelligent and easy to ride. Hacendado is a majestic stallion with a long draping white mane and tail. His coat is a unique ‘flea-bitten’ gray with dappled legs. He’s also a great dancer, and known as a ‘pretty boy’.



The only mare, and indisputable herd leader, she is the smartest horse of the bunch. Beautiful and poised, she has a bright bay coat and pitch black mane and tail. She can’t help but have a sweet and motherly side to her as much as she is strong and brave.


Second in command, Chaparrito has, most of all, personality. Not afraid to make himself noticed, he must always be the center of attention. Always curious and the first to approach strangers. He is a gorgeous blue roan with a bald face. His personality and looks make him a unique horse you can’t help but love.


Though shy, Moro is a sweet and smart horse. It is a challenge to earn his trust, but once earned he is a loyal, loving friend. Beautiful dapple gray “flea-bitten” coat with a slick dark gray mane, this noble horse is a beauty. As an Azteca horse, his calm and patient temperament makes him ideal for riders with little to no experience.


He couldn’t have a more fitting name. Tsunami is a brave, adventurous horse. He loves exploring new places, running, and jumping – he’ll do it all. He can go for hours and still want more. Agile and athletic, yet has a calm and noble temperament. This magnificent quarter horse is always a fun ride.


Lucero, who gets his name from the star on his forehead, is the newest to the herd and also the youngest. He is very shy at first, but his curiosity always gets the best of him. He’s a sweet horse who can always be won over with affection.


Jobero is a friendly big horse who never refuses human company and affection. In looks he is very much like Coco, perhaps a bit smaller. His easygoing nature gives him the ability to adapt to the needs of any rider.  He is comfortable going fast or slow as the situation requires. Jobero likes riders of all sizes and is one of the most gentle for inexperienced riders.


They don’t call him Naughty for nothing. He has a very strong personality and can be stubborn at times. Poor Naughty had an accident playing with the other horses and lost one of his eyes. He is no longer a riding horse, but you will see him happily lolling and playing in the corral with the other horses. However if there are carrots at stake, he can be very friendly.


For those wanting a burro-ride photo opportunity, any of our burros will gladly accommodate. Momma, Julieta and Shreky are trained to put on a smile. Feeding of the animals is especially fun for children.