Trail Rides

There are several horseback trail rides to choose from:


The Caldera Mountain ride is 2-4 hours to the top of the 8,000 foot peak. Because of its size, the rim of this 600,000 year old extinct volcano is barely discernible. It is quite impressive what mother earth can do when blowing up mountains! Visit an old mountain homestead and the campo rodeo.


The Mountain Lake ride is a 3-4 hour ride. While climbing 7500 feet to the top, a view of the hacienda can be seen from the other side of the lake. The bromeliads and lychee nut trees, as they thrive in their own micro-climate around the dam, can also be noticed. Pass through the community of Los Arquitos where the ruins of the old aqueducts system still remain. Then it’s an easy ride around the lake and past the Jalpa church.


Ride through the community of “La Tinaja”, and alongside the edge of the town’s magnificent canyon. Visit the hidden cave, where local campesinos tell of healing waters. Stop for a picnic or rest on the lawn located across from the cave. Totaling 3 hours, this can be a challenging horseback ride.


During this 1-hour ride, visit our fields, the well and the community of Jalpa.