Dating back to 1730, the hacienda originally grew wheat for the silver mines in Guanajuato. Remnants of a 250-year old aqueduct system are scattered across the mountains. The original grinding stone resides in the churchyard, with another rumored to be in the lake.

The hacienda has always welcomed guests. In 1810 Ignacio Perez spent his first night on his ride to warn Ignacio Allende and Miguel Hildago of the approaching Spanish army. The Spanish revolution is said to have been delayed one day because there was a fiesta at Purisima de Jalpa.

Two Spanish and one French revolution later, the construction fell into ruins and was scavenged. In the late 1970’s a restoration began based upon the recollection of the Jalpa elders. The once barn became the playground of wealthy Texans and Mexicans gambling into all hours of the night. Players, dealers, and ladies of the evening were flown into Jalpa on float planes. Locally, the Casino is still known as the Salon de Fiesta.

Much of the furniture, ironwork and art at the hacienda is the work of the famous and beloved Mexican artist, Alejandro Rangel Hildago. His life is memorialized at the University of Colima, in a museum bearing his name. Learn more about his work and life by visiting the museum website http://www.alejandrorangel.com/index.htm. We are fortunate to hold over a hundred pieces of his work beautifully depicting the butterflies, birds and plants of the hacienda.